Jess is a stay at home mom who comes from the Corporate world of Event Planning and Marketing.  Denyse is a stay at home mom who is a former Gallery and auction house owner and is now working as a watercolorist.  We have chosen to create an event that pools our talents in an effort to promote yours!



Holly Days is a unique pop up shop that will come for a three day stint and be gone (until next year).  It is a consignment event.  We chose this format because there is the smallest financial risk involved for you as an artisan and in addition, it allows you the freedom to enjoy the holiday or participate in another event simultaneously.



As a participating artisan/craftsperson, you will need to tag your items in advance and bring them to the show site on Wednesday, November 23rd (times TBD) and pick up unsolds on the afternoon of Sunday 11/27 (times TBD).  We do recognize that many people travel for the Thanksgiving holiday so we want to make it as easy for you as possible and are offering some alternative drop off options, please ask if this pertains to you.  Likewise, if you are in Metro Boston and have no car, one drop off option would be at the Leominster commuter rail stop.  Again, please ask.

Upon drop off of your items, we will set up everything in a retail environment whereby we will be marrying like products together in the spirit of encouraging people to purchase a complete line of related products.  For example, if we set up a display where there is a hat from one artisan paired with the scarf of another and earrings of another, shoppers will want the whole look!

Should you make product where there is lots of redundancy (such as soaps), we do not limit how many you may bring but we will set out only a limited amount at a time of one scent and will replenish throughout the entire event.

We have many props such as artificial trees, cupboards, ladders, card racks, etc. to facilitate display of your items however if you have a specific display that you have always used and wish for us to use as well, you may provide it (labelled) and we will return it to you when you pick up.



Consignment structure is as follows:  70% of sales payable to the artisan, to be increased by 5% if you volunteer for a single four hour shift.  Maximum pay out, 75%.

We will be accepting cash, checks, Visa and MC and expect that you will be paid within 7-10 days of event close.



We have been updating our facebook page almost daily www.facebook.com/hollydayspopup and our website as well.  We have been informing people of newest additions to the artisan list as well as other information people may need.  We have already provided participants with "print your own" flyers that they can distribute at other events they are participating in.   This particular flyer says, "JOIN ME!" so potential shoppers know where to find them in the future.  It also lists the other artisans involved to date.

This type of activity will continue as will a big Facebook ad campaign and advertising on Craigslist and in local media outlets.  We also will count on our artisans for some word of mouth either through social media, emails, or at places of employment or within artists circles.



The PINK REVOLUTION will have a gift wrapping table set up. They will be offering gift wrapping services and will be accepting donations and offering information about the organization.  PINK REVOLUTION’S mission is to celebrate the lives of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer; support those who currently battle breast cancer; and to make pervasive change in the future of breast cancer by paving a path to a cure and beyond. The mission will be accomplished by support of early detection and prevention strategies; by providing psychosocial care, by funding basic science and clinical research advancements; and with the promotion of survivorship programs in central Massachusetts, in conjunction with the UMass Memorial Breast Center and affiliate hospitals.

We are asking each artisan if they could make ONE item in PINK to donate as an item for sale, proceeds to go to PINK REVOLUTION.  We will tag with a consignor code that denotes the funds are to go to that cause.  Holly Days will not take a commission on those items either.  Making this donation is optional and not a requirement to consign.


My questions have been answered - HOW DO I SIGN UP?

Registering is super easy!  Go to the REGISTRATION page here on our website and you can sign up using PayPal, Visa or MC as a method of payment!  Registration costs just $10.00 (non refundable).

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